Johnny Depp Impersonator



"Instructions Not Included" Trailer


"Masquerade" Trailer

"Geist" Teaser

Danny in "Eldorado"

"Piece By Piece" Trailer

"Chronicles of MelEric: Attack of the Clones" Trailer

Dominican Republic Interview

Paribas Open Tennis Tournament At Indian Wells California


Eldorado Movie Promo

Real Pirates Exhibit, Houston Museum of Natural Science

Danny Encounters The TMZ Paparazzi

"Celebrity Cafe"

"Alice (Underground)" Music Video by Avril Lavigne

"Eldorado" Trailer

"Highway to Hell" Promo

"P Lo's House" Teaser Trailer

"The Maury Show" 2010

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"The Maury Show" September 2007

Danny Lopez and Tiffany Claus on "Maury", February 2008

"Family Feud" February 2008 Johnny Depp Vs. Angelina Jolie


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