Johnny Depp Impersonator



"AN ACTOR WITH INCREDIBLE RANGE!!" - Entertainment Weekly

"Danny looks quite a bit like Johnny (Depp)." - Legendary Actor Christopher Lee, Johnny Depps co-star in FOUR films

"He (Danny) looks EXACTLY like Johnny Depp." - Michael Barkyoumb, Ability First. org

"We were very pleased with his performance." - Lisa Diaz, Guess?, Inc.

"Many in our city thought he really was Johnny Depp." - Vonnie Hall, Community Entertainment, Great Falls, MT

"He (Danny) blew away our expectations..." - Elaine McFarland, Chukchasi Casino

"You wont get any closer unless you hire Johnny Depp himself." - Ron Gutierres, Sony Inc.

"The BEST Johnny look-alike and the BEST performer." - Goldie Marks, Hollywood Heaven

"Wonderful... Danny's Pirate was the highlight of our event." - Tara Pacella, Spirent Communications

"An AMAZING look-alike... the kids just loved him." - Joel Brandes, GFC Entertainment

"Danny not only looks just like Johnny but ACTS like him as well." - Gwen Gunselman, National Office Furniture

"It's scary how much Danny looks like him (Depp)." - Michelle Greene, AT&T

"There are guys in pirate costumes and then there's Johnny clone Danny!" - Carla Brown, Sue Bee Honey Corp.

"Danny is the BEST man for the Job." - Mae Russell, Palms Casino

"Danny is a dead ringer for Johnny Depp." - John O' Hurley, Family Feud

"Danny has an UNCANNY resemblance to Johnny Depp." - Tara Pacella, Spirent Inc.

"I'm still trying to convince my guests that Johnny Depp wasnt really here..." - Leslie K Harris, General Manager, Double Eagle Casino

"He just absolutely nails down those (Depp) Characters!" - Laura Tixier, Fox Television

"Danny's ability to recreate Johnny's characters is brilliant!" - Zahava Marx, Hollywood Heaven Agency

"Without a doubt, the BEST Johnny Depp impersonator in the world!" - Casey Loftus, G.M. Double Eagle Casino

"Danny is a GREAT Johnny Depp Impersonator" - Mark Hursch, Zurich Insurance

"An AMAZING look-alike... the kids really loved him!"
- Joel Brandes, CGF Entertainment


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