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Why a Johnny Depp Impersonator... ?
A Message to Entertainment Buyers

Johnny Depp is an international cultural phenomenon not seen since the likes of Elvis Presley, James Dean, Marlon Brando and the Beatles. Depp's movies in sales have grossed over $5 BILLION and his next movie is expected to break all previous box office records. The most recognizable actor in the world; people of all ages, nationalities, backgrounds and interests love the work of actor Johnny Depp. With Danny's award winning acting skills, and uncanny resemblance to Johnny Depp, he brings to life the world's most highly beloved actor for your event.

With thousands of dollars in professional movie style costumes, accessories and props, Danny's tribute to Depp is the ONLY one of its kind in the world. While there are a few other Depp impersonators, Danny stands head and shoulders above the rest with his acting skills, versatility, and spot on look to actor Johnny Depp.

Danny also recreates many of Depp's most famous movie characters with remarkable, convincing accuracy. He ranks as one of the most popular celebrity impersonators in the entertainment business, and is a long time member of all the Actors unions. Danny has also appeared in several films, television shows, stage productions and numerous successful tribute bands.

When considering hiring a Pirate Captain or Willy Wonka for your next event, why not hire a professional actor that actually LOOKS and ACTS just like Johnny Depp to play the Character? Danny keeps kids and adults entertained for hours. Christy Anderle, marketing director for the Los Angeles County Fair (the largest fair in the world) says: "Danny looks exactly like Johnny Depp. He is engaging, clever and very funny...people actually think he is the real thing."

We have all seen the usual oldies reviews, country acts, clowns, jugglers, hypnotists, tribute bands, etc, etc. Why not try something new for your patrons instead of the same old boring stale acts. Danny as Depp offers a wonderful, fun filled, humorous impersonation for kids of all ages to enjoy. Have the worlds best Johnny Depp tribute at your event this year. He will be the hit of your party!

**The artist, Danny Lopez, is a Johnny Depp celebrity impersonator and at no time can the purchaser advertise or market Danny as the actual actor, Johnny Depp.

"He's more like Johnny than Johnny."
- Richard Driscoll, House Of Fear

"We had our audience fooled. They thought Johnny Depp was here."
- Maury Povich


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