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3/24/13 More News Coming Soon

Danny has been busy with many wonderful film and TV projects in the past few months. We will be bringing you updated information soon with an all new 2013 news page, which is currently under construction. In the meantime, please check out this website: "Danny Lopez Montana Edition"

6/30/12 Danny Re-Teams With Director Eric Daniel Dunn in Fergus Falls, Minnesota to Film The Thriller "Geist"

Danny and ECTOFI director Eric Daniel Dunn team up once again for an all new independant film. This supernatural suspense thriller shoots this month in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. "Geist" is Danny's first real non-Johnny type role he's done since he began his Depp impersonation work 5 years ago.

The word "Geist" is German for "ghost." In it, Danny plays Bruce, a rock star who did not quite make it to the big show. Instead, he settles down and marries a fan who got pregnant. He ends up working as a caretaker for an abandoned mental hospital. That's when things start to get strange. Danny's character begins to encounter the spirits of children who were victims of a serial killer called "The Butcher".

Danny says, "This film is going to be very scary. Filming in this haunted hospital was VERY intense."

"Geist" is being filmed at the Fergus Falls Regional Treatment Center, a former mental hospital that was shut down several years ago. The building has been condemned and scheduled for demoliton but the producers got permission to film in and out of the building.

Danny says: "It is the PERFECT location to film a ghost story."

Please click here to read an in depth article about "Fergus Falls Treatment Center".

Danny continues: "I'm not sure if it's really haunted, but we have definately had some unexplained occurrences happening on the set that have started to make a believer out of me."

He continues: "I think it ranks right up there with the Winchester Mansion and the Whaley House as far as unexplained activity. I have to admit, I was kinda scared filming there late at night!"

A real life ghost hunting team has also been given the green light to investigate the building.

Danny says: "It is always a pleasure to work with Eric and the children I worked with in the film were wonderful too." Danny continues: "I was very impressed with the entire cast and crew. I expect a lot to come out of this film."

Danny laughs: "Since I didn't have a stunt double, I did my own and got a great workout in my scenes with The Butcher. It was a bit tough."

Danny concludes: "The experience was great as it was strictly a non-Johnny role for me. Obviously, the lookalike remarks were there as I resemble the guy but I think this film will show that I have some acting chops of my own. I'm very happy to have the chance to show that."

Danny returns to Fergus Falls this coming September to officially wrap up the film. Keep visting JDI for updates and check out our official GEIST movie page on "Facebook" for more details.

5/30/12 Danny To Star in Eugenio Derbez Film, "Hombre de Piedra".

Danny was cast for a major role for the new Eugenio Derbez film "Hombre de Piedra" (Man of Stone) in Mexico City this past week.

The role of AZTEC MAN was originally written for Actor Keanu Reeves. Says Danny of his costar and director Eugenio Derbez: "Eugenio is one of the biggest and best-known stars in Mexico. It was a real pleasure to work with him. Everyone on the set was wonderful and hospitable. I had a lot of fun working on this film and with all of my co-stars." Among them are Karla Souza and Jessica Lindsey.

Danny continues: "Mexico City is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever had the pleasure of visiting. The people there were very nice and polite. I felt at home there, and got to see a lot of wonderful sites in between shooting dates."

"Hombre de Piedra" is scheduled for a December 15, 2012 release.

3/12/12 Danny "Serves" Entertainment at the Paribas Open Tennis Tournament in Indian Wells, California

Danny's latest adventure on the high seas included performing this month for the world's top tennis players at the BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells, California.

The highly publicized million-dollar Hollywood-themed party included tributes to classic films such as "High Noon", "Pirates of the Caribbean, "Jaws" and "The Pink Panther".

"It was really breathtaking." Danny Says. "It was an amazing event".

A huge "sushi bar" pirate ship was built at the Indian Wells golf club with a small pirate village to accompany it. A huge movie screen towered above the ship alternately showing all of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films.

So how did Danny end up at such a high profile event?

"My agent called and said the organizers wanted the best Johnny Depp impersonator for the event and they chose me, simple as that." Danny says. "I just assumed it was probably going to be a local pirate party or something. I had no idea it was going to be a major event for the top tennis players in the World."

Danny continues: "I've done some really illustrious events in my impersonation career and I have to say this one ranks right up there." Danny continues: "It's not everyday I get to hang out with Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Caroline Wozniacki, etc. The funny thing is I'm not into tennis, so I had no idea who these people wanting to take pictures with me were."

Danny states: "They were some of the nicest people I've ever met, and were very down to earth. They were a very nice international group."

Danny goes on: "Having performed as the Pirate in several countries, lets just say this character goes over well with everyone. It was a lot of fun because the atmosphere was so festive and upbeat. These tennis players really know how to have a good time."

Danny's pirate antics were featured on ESPN and The Tennis Channel.

Tennis anyone?

2/29/12 Danny Makes International Headlines Again This Week

Danny has just returned home from a week long tour of Asia which included stops in Hong Kong, Taipei and Indonesia. Of course, Johnny Depp sightings were reported EVERWHERE!

"It's getting really WEIRD out there." Danny says:"I'm not really sure how to handle all of it when I'm overseas."

Danny continues: "It's fairly easy to explain that I'm a look-alike here in the states but when I'm in a foreign country, there's a major language barrier. Things can get crazy just getting around."

The insanity that follows Danny around the world is not unlike what the real Johnny Depp experiences.

Danny says: "Well, yes, except that Johnny has security and provisions provided to him. I'm pretty much left to my own devices to get to the gig and it gets even worse if I have guards or security."

Danny continues: "I know I've said this before but, it's akin to looking like Elvis in the summer of 1957. Johnny is famous all over the world!"

So does Danny enjoy any of the attention from it?

"No, not really. Aside from safety issues, it's really hard to get around. It bothers me that people often think I'm him. Denying it does absolutely no good when hundreds of people are gathering. I don't know how other impersonators handle it but it can really be difficult for me sometimes."

Danny sighs: "You would think people would know better."

So what does Danny do when someone thinks he's Johnny?

I tell them I'm not him. I try to explain that I'm a look-alike. There's not much else I can do. It's very tough in other countries because people often don't believe me."

Danny continues: "I met a girl in England on the British train last year. I was doing a gig with the BBC and traveling to London on the tube. This girl kept staring at me and I was getting annoyed. She finally asked me if I was Johnny and, as a joke, I said I was Brad Pitt. I figured she knew that I wasn't Johnny. Seriously, there is no way Johnny Depp would be riding on the tube in the rush hour?! Of course, with my luck, she ended up meeting Johnny Depp on the Graham Norton TV show in England last month and telling Johnny that she met him."

Danny continues: "Being a celebrity impersonator is really a strange gig. You really do get to see the world through the eyes of the star you resemble. I sort of know what Johnny goes through. The toughest part of the gig is getting to the venue without all the hoopla, distractions and fanfare."

So could Danny ever get used to the lifestyle?

"No, I don't know how he lives like that every day. It's a complete loss of space, privacy and freedom."

Danny reflects: "It does pay well though."

1/21/12 Happy New Year From Us At JDI

Danny would like to wish all of his friends a very Happy New Year 2012. There will be LOTS of exciting projects coming up for Danny in the new year.

2011 was a milestone year for Danny's tribute act to Johnny Depp. Aside from the dozens of domestic appearances here in the USA, Danny's tribute act brought him to England, France, Spain, Canada, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Danny also had leads in two feature films, TV appearances, a commercial and a half dozen print ads.

Danny says: "Obviously, I'm very fortunate to be working as much as I am in this economy."

Danny continues: "I'm very honored and humbled that people all over the world choose me to work at their events. I know it's due to Johnny's popularity, as to why I am so much in demand. While I do enjoy impersonating Johnny, I am hoping to work on my own projects soon. My goal has always been to use my resemblance to him to cross over into mainstream."

2012 has kicked off in high gear for Danny. He just completed high profile jobs at Harrah's on January 1st in San Diego, the Luxor Hotel on January 4th, and Las Vegas on January 21st at the Convention Center. He will be back in the UK at the end of January for the "Eldorado" movie premiere.

Aside from working with movie directors Richard Driscoll and Eric Dunn on new film projects this year, the reality TV show "Celebritease" is currently in the works. Danny also has some new international trips scheduled this year including new trips to Asia and South America. An all new interactive web site is also currently in the process. Tributes to Johnny Depp's new movie characters, Barnabas Collins and Tonto, are on the horizon.

Check back here at JDI for all the latest news, appearances, and information. Thank you to all of Danny's friends and supporters.


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